Looking Back – Top Three Accomplishments for ARCHE Archives Council for 2015/2016

The ARCHE Archives Council is now two years old so it seems a good time to look back at the survey results of what our members hoped to accomplish. At that time we asked members to indicate their top three accomplishments for the ARCHE Archives Council. Here is the list you provided:

Accomplishment #1

  • Nurture connections and networking between the member institutions
  • Training opportunities for librarians responsible for local history collections
  • More consistent communication among member institutions
  • Explore lending of archival and/or rare materials
  • Define role within local archival community
  • Professional development/ Education activities
  • Develop a collaborative grant project
  • Foster a sense of collaboration among the members
  • Facilitate partnerships with archival institutions in a number of areas
  • Consortial lending

Accomplishment #2

  • Identify shared concerns
  • Training and/or opportunities for digital preservation
  • Development of collaborative grant projects, particularly to assist smaller institutions
  • Create a collaborative and supportive group
  • Be recognized by the community as having that role
  • Collaborative panel submissions for SAA and SGA
  • Develop a collaborative digitization/digital project
  • Develop and share basic records management templates.
  • Professional development in leadership (target gaps that SGA, USG, other systems/orgs don’t provide)

    Accomplishment #3

  • Seek cooperative solutions to shared concerns
  • Disseminate info. about grants in the field and grant-writing training
  • Offer workshops and learning experiences for members
  • Support State Archives’ efforts to strengthen ties/assist other institutions
  • Support network for archives administrators
  • Develop resources/training for records management and/or electronic records
  • Generate at least 1-2 collaborative presentations or articles
  • Collaborative community engagement activities

We have successfully held meetings at various ARCHE institutions including the Georgia Archives, Agnes Scott College, Emory University and the University of West Georgia. In each case, members were given an opportunity to tour the facilities and to learn more about each other’s operations. The Education Committee successfully produced a Teaching with Archives workshop, and the members have engaged in fruitful and lively discussions about outreach and advocacy.

The ARCHE Archives Council is off to a great start but we can do more – with the energy, interest and dedication of our members and parent institutions. Thanks everyone!

-Tamara Livingston, Chair


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